Frequently Asked Questions

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Listed are some questions we are often asked.  If there is anything we missed, please contact us.

What information do I need to provide?

We just need your company details (Name, Company Number, contact name and address, delivery location) and the details of the barrels and equipment you are interested in leasing and we will liaise with the suppliers for you.

How long is the rental contract?

For new oak barrels, we offer rental terms of up to 36 months. Contracts for used oak are generally twelve months. Equipment rental contracts can be offered to 60 months, depending on the equipment.

Do I need to organise delivery or freight?

We will work with your supplier or barrel agent to arrange prompt delivery to your premises.

Is there a residual?

We generally do not offer a residual on contracts; however, we may offer one on larger equipment rentals. Please contact us for more information.

When do rental payments start?

Rental payments start the month that your barrels or equipment are delivered and continue on the first business day of each month.

Can I buy the barrels or the equipment at the end of the rental?

Ownership of the barrels or equipment remains with BFL during the rental period, however we are happy to offer the goods to you for sale at the end of the contract if you wish, for a nominal value.

What is the interest rate?

As BFL operates as an operating lease, and not a finance lease, an interest rate does not apply. The rental payments are based on the total cost of your barrels/equipment, on which we do charge a margin.

Are there any account, establishment or application fees?

BFL does not charge any fees for setting up a rental contract.

However, if you fall behind in your payments we do charge a Late Payment Fee. We will let you know about this fee before we charge it.

Are there penalties for an early payout of the contract?

We do not charge any penalties for early payout of your contract.

The payout fee is based on the total of your outstanding payments, with a discount based on your repayment history with BFL.

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