Wine Barrel Rental Finance

Finance on new and used wine barrels.

BFL provides wine barrel finance for rental of new and used barrels to wineries all over New Zealand.

Our leading wine barrel finance gives you an alternative to dealing with banks and other finance companies who don’t understand the Wine Industry.

Our service for you

BFL’s wine barrel logistics service makes things simple. All you have to do is choose the barrels you need for your winery and on your behalf, BFL can:

Financial Security

We use the wine barrels as security so there is no need for us to take security over business or personal assets.

Barrel Suppliers

We can arrange wine barrel’s through leading cooperages such as Bouchard Cooperages, Vicard Tonnelleries, Charlois, Saint Martin Australasia, Seguin Moreau, Tonnellerie De Mercurey, Sirugue Australia and many more.

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